F A T I G U E | How to overcome it

fatigue. numero uno

Life is difficult when you have fatigue for company. Forgive me for my silence, I’ve been tired.

Issues of mental health, self-love and general wellbeing seem to be having quite a moment right now and rightly so. It’s so easy to get bogged up in the mundanities of life and its routines and that you forget to check in with yourself. An apple a day may keep the doctor away but time out every so often, keeps your mind sane and your body game.

My parents often like to remind that ‘the same people you are breaking your back to work for or help will have no problem replacing you should something happen.’ Your body on the other hand won’t find a replacement quite so easily. God forbid you be the cause of your bodies redundancy.

Take care of yourself. Whatever is taking your time – acknowledge you need to take a break. Hey denial is real and it is better for you to come to that realisation yourself without the aid of a life threatening illness.

Less is more, focus your mind on fewer things and you’ll have more energy to accomplish a lot more. Quality over quantity.

Read – more than 140 characters. There is nothing more refreshing and stimulating than a good read. Finding a quiet space to accompany decent literature contributes to vocabulary expansion, better writing (tweets) and doubles as free entertainment.  It improves your memory and above all helps focus your mind by losing it in another world.

Eating, well that is. KFC has never been the poster boy for healthy living. Sausages rolls, donuts and wagon wheels (there’s a blast from the past) with a side plate of crisps isn’t going to motivate your body to do better. Colourful plates make for a more creative and well fuelled mind.

Hydrate. Swap that morning coffee for water with lemon or try different fruit options to add flavour. We often mistake hunger for thirst and keeping well hydrated does wonders to clear the mind, skin and any tiredness.

Exercise. No actually exercise, don’t just stroll on the treadmill for a half hour looking at your phone. Decide ahead of time what you want to do and it’ll be easier to stick to it once you are there.

Socialise. That energy you’ve been trying to regain, spend it with your nearest and dearest. Being around those that uplift you and make you laugh – like really laugh – with sound. Yeah do that.

Sleep. Oh my goodness where art thou. The power of a goodnight’s sleep. I love to dabble in a long sleep shift but I can find 101 things to do before getting there. Give your body time to recover and repair, rest is not optional if you want to function well – long term at least. Get some sleep!

These are things we all know to do but can struggle to remain consistent with. Sometimes life just happens and it can distract you from one thing we should always prioritise, our health. Hopefully this serves as a gentle but much needed reminder for many of you as it was desperately needed for myself.

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